BarIntel - Inventory Control and Analytics

Managing inventory has never been easier.

Managing inventory in a bar or restaurant is no easy feat. With the constant flow of guests, busy bar, and multiple orders to fulfill, inventory management can quickly become overwhelming. 


  1. Waste - With constantly changing menus and specials, it's all too easy to end up with excess ingredients that go to waste. This not only hurts your bottom line but is also bad for the environment.

  2. Shrinkage - Theft, spillage, and waste can all contribute to inventory shrinkage, which can make it difficult to maintain accurate inventory levels.

  3. Difficult to Track - Keeping track of inventory levels, monitoring stock levels, and reordering products can be a real challenge when you're trying to keep up with the fast-paced demands of a restaurant or bar.

  4. Time Consuming - Keeping track of inventory takes time away from more important tasks, like serving your customers and creating great experiences.

  5. Out-of-Stock Items - Running out of a key ingredient during a busy night can be frustrating and costly. Not only will you have to disappoint customers, but you may also have to scramble to find a replacement.

Don't let these pain points hold you back any longer. With our BarIntel service, you can streamline your inventory management and ensure that your bar or restaurant runs smoothly and efficiently.

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What if you could automate this costly, time-consuming, and resource-intensive process?

Introducing BarIntel - Inventory Control and Analytics

BarIntel is a comprehensive inventory control solution for your bar. BarIntel is:

  1. Eco-Friendly - regulary audits can help to reduce waste, while reporting can be viewed digitally from a manager's phone or pc.

  2. Profitable - say goodbye to shrinkage! Our reports are itemised, allowing you to zero in on the problem areas of missing product.

  3. Effective - We will train your staff to be professional auditors. Never miss an audit, never miss a report.

  4. Accurate - The BarIntel system can measure to 1/16th of an ounce. It is the most accurate system on the market.

  5. Time-Saving - Your team perform their counts when business is done. Reports are generated before service the following day.

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Sign up for the BarIntel plan that suits your needs.

BarIntel (Basic)

$1000 monthly
  • MOCTI Basic
  • Monthly Analytics
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Par Management
  • On-Call Support

BarIntel (Pro)

$1500 monthly
  • MOCTI Basic
  • Bi-Monthly Analytics
  • Bi-Monthly Reporting
  • Par Management
  • On-Call Support